Book Arts

by Anne Garrison

Kinnikinnick Brand Kickapoo Joy-Juice

Turkey Press, 2004

This is a delightfully whimsical book featuring the poetry of Jonathan Williams, an American poet, publisher, essayist, and photographer, known for his association with the experimental Black Mountain College. Sandra Reese, of Turkey Press, designed, letterpressed, and bound this gem, which also features hand-inked stencils and a little known typeface, Narrow Bembo.






An Alliterative Abecedarium of Anthropomorphic Animals

Michael Kuch, Double Elephant Press, 2010

Michael Kuch, who worked for many years with Leonard Baskin, has created an extraordinarily clever alphabet book with his Alliterative Abecedarium. This accordion book, which features a unique magnetic binding, features drawings of disenchanted dodos debating divorce, inexcusably insolent iguanas, an oracle octopus opining on and on, and a tormented tarantula terrified of the truth.


Alphabet of Endangered Mammals:
A Collection of Etchings depicting animals
considered Extinct in the Wild 2050

D.R. Wakefield, The Chevington Press, 2010

A companion piece to An Alphabet of Extinct Mammals, this work is a fanciful yet ironic ode to 26 nearly extinct mammals featuring Wakefield’s gorgeously colored etchings. The images pop off the page, both for their detail and color. And the accompanying text highlights Wakefield’s typical dry wit. He says of the Koala Bear for example: “Bush fires have always been part of the cycle of life in Australia, and their cyclical increase can reasonably be accounted for by global warming. However, the rise in bush fires, caused by arson cannot be defended quite so rationally, and the disastrous effect on the Koala Bears has left them being cuddled to death in mild captivity.”

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