The people behind the scenes of the new Tripod

Staff from the tri-colleges collaborated on creating the new Tripod

Library Application Team: Spencer Lamm (Swarthmore), Chelsea Lobdell (Tri-college), Anna Headley (Swarthmore)

Disco Steering Group: Berry Chamness (Bryn Mawr), Spencer Lamm (Swarthmore), Laurie Allen (Haverford)

Selection Committee: Anne Garrison (Swarthmore), Laurie Allen (Haverford), Berry Chamness (Bryn Mawr),
Spencer Lamm (Swarthmore), Donna Fournier (Swarthmore), Arleen Zimmerlee (Bryn Mawr), Dora Wong (Haverford), Mary Lynn Morris Kennedy (Haverford), Chelsea Lobdell (Tri-college)

VuFind (Books & More) implementation group: Jeremy Blatchley (Bryn Mawr), Kate Carter (Swarthmore), Adam Crandell (Haverford), Chelsea Lobdell (Tri-college), Amy McColl (Swarthmore), Pat O’Donnell (Swarthmore)

Primo (Articles) implementation group: Amy Rojek Mayer (Bryn Mawr), Margaret Schaus (Haverford), Melanie
Maksin (Swarthmore), Chelsea Lobdell (Tri-college), Arleen Zimmerlee (Bryn Mawr)

User Experience team: Adam Crandell (Haverford), Dora Wong (Haverford) , Chelsea Lobdell (Tri-college), Andrew Patterson (Bryn Mawr), Jeremy Blatchley (Bryn Mawr), Susan Dreher (Swarthmore), Anne Garrison (Swarthmore)

Marketing & Training: Adam Crandell (Haverford), Susan Dreher (Swarthmore), Arleen Zimmerlee (Bryn Mawr)


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