Spring internship program reveals world of librarians

by Pam Harris

Librarianship continues to be an exciting and viable career. This semester, seven students have been selected to participate in the eighth Swarthmore College Library spring internship program: Lisa Bao ’14, Jenna Davis ‘12, Jennifer Lopez ’14, MC Mazzocchi ’12, Marcus Mello ’13, Tayarisha Poe ’12, and Amira Silver-Schwartz ‘12.

Interns will experience behind-the-scenes functioning of the college library while being exposed to other options within the field: special collections, information architecture, and archives. Highlights of the internship program include visits to local collections, projects in the Rare Book Room, and a panel of intern graduates currently active in the field.

According to 2011 data from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, job prospects for traditional librarianship are favorable, and for those with systems and technical experience the prospects are excellent. These projections reflect the wide variety of opportunities available within a field that includes much more than story-time, spectacles, and buns. It is the environment that many professionals find desirable whether in an academic, corporate, non-profit or governmental position: the day-to-day job is rarely predictable or dull.

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