New artists’ books acquired by library

by Anne Garrison

5 Year Plan
Aaron Sinift
Edition of 180 (2010)
5 Year Plan (5YP) is a handmade collection of 32 artworks by 32 contemporary artists. The artworks are printed onto the side of sling bags called jholas that are commonly made by Gandhi ashram collectives throughout India. Each book is handmade at every step by local weavers, printers, and bookbinders in India, and the proceeds from the book were donated to Doctors Without Borders. Contributing artists include Yoko Ono, Francesco Clemente, Donald Baechler, Chris Martin, and Julie Doucet. The book is owned by many libraries and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress, and Yale University.


Robbin Ami Silverger
Edition of 10 (2009)
Amanuensis uses the reflection and reduction of the written word, along with the expressiveness of its materials: gold gilded mirror, paper, and silk on glass – to describe the loss of one’s identity. The pages of the books are fragile, glass, housed in an oak case, like a casket. The words are printed in reverse and can only be read in the mirror, made precious by its material. The text loses letters as it repeats within the first 5 booklets. Here, the signature is considered the written mark of identity and, like our name, defines who we are. An amanuensis is a copyist. Amanuensis was part of an installation about the signature at Lehman College Gallery (2009).”

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