New artist books acquired by library

by Anne Garrison

Charles Hobson, Pacific Editions
Limited edition of 30 (2010)

Charles Hobson, working with W.S. Merwin, the 17th poet laureate of the United States, created Trees, a new limited edition artists’ book housed in a wooden box. A visual motif of palm trees accompanies Merwin’s sober meditation on the importance of trees, first published in 1977. The images have been reproduced as high-resolution digital prints on transparent film, and the hinged pages can be read horizontally or vertically, in daylight, or in the dark using a tiny flashlight that comes attached to the box. Hobson is a well-known California printmaker and book artist whose works are collected by the National Gallery, the Getty Center, and the Whitney Museum.

s11_rbr_deeplyDeeply Honored
Fred Hagstrom
Edition of 25 (2010)

Deeply Honored tells the story of the internment of Japanese Americans during the War. Several colleges, including Carleton College, participated in the Student Relocation Project, which allowed Japanese American students to leave internment camps and continue their educations. John W. Nason, former Swarthmore College President (1940-1953), chaired the National Student Relocation Council and is referred to repeatedly in this book. The moving story of one student, Frank Shigemura, is told through images, letters, and memorabilia from the archives of Carleton College.

s11_rbr_orbitalOrbital Debris Simulator
Heidi Neilson
Edition of 70 (2010)

Orbital Debris Simulator describes “the phenomena of ‘space junk’ in the earth’s orbit, showing points of interest between the moon and the earth such as geosynchronous orbit, medium earth orbit, and the International Space Station. Images of space toys—spaceships and action figures from various science fiction ‘universes’ as well as replicas of actual spacecraft—are used as stand-ins for the orbital debris itself. The book is screen and letterpress printed and viewable in 3D with enclosed anaglyph glasses.”
– Women’s Studio Workshop website,, viewed December 9, 2010.

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