Mango Languages teaches basic conversational skills

s11_mangoIf you’re interested in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish, Swarthmore College offers courses in these languages, literature in translation, and (for the highly proficient) advanced courses in the language. Staff and faculty are often welcome to audit a course or even to take it for credit.

But what if you are traveling to Istanbul or Da Nang next semester and want some survival language skills? Do you need a crash course in Farsi, Italian, or Croatian? Or are you a non-native English speaker who would like some help with English? Mango Languages might be the thing for you – with introductory language lessons available through the library.

The library now offers a campus-wide subscription to Mango Languages, the online language-learning program that teaches basic conversational skills for 34 foreign languages. Mango also offers English language courses that are customized to native speakers of Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and ten other languages.

On the library’s home page, enter “Mango Languages” into the Tripod search box and follow the link. Creating a personalized account on Mango lets you track your progress through each language. When away from campus, Swarthmore students, staff, and faculty can still access Mango by logging into Off Campus Access.

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